The Giving Back Project

The GIVING BACK PROJECT is a new hardcover book and civic engagement campaign that comprises stories and photographs that reframe portraits of philanthropy.

The Giving Back Project attempts to reignite a movement that will fuel conscientious philanthropy through empowering a generation of Americans.  They aim to help Americans recognize their power and responsibility to give back.

For far too long, philanthropy has defined as gifts of wealth and large monetary contributions. Prevailing stories and imagery about giving often don’t include generous everyday people. They also feed these false notions about who is able to give, who can help make difference, and finally who matters most. Changing the world requires society to rethink and reframe philanthropic activities. The Giving Back Project reframes portraits of philanthropy.

The project’s publications, presentations, and their interactive community forums promote inspiring stories of everyday givers.  They serve to reclaim the true meaning of philanthropy, love of humanity.

From literary projects to photography,spoken-word poetry to digital media, and also music to social networking, the Giving Back Project promotes new content and new approaches to include a wider slice of society in philanthropy. The project promotes their belief that  everyone  can and should give back, no matter their age or circumstances. They celebrates generous gifts of time and talent. They value equal sacrifice over equal giving.

The book “Giving Back”  provides a beginning for dialogue and community conversations about philanthropy that are inclusive, responsive, collaborative and reflective of communities. In addition to beginning the conversation, every book purchased keeps giving.

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