Millennials Are Reshaping Philanthropy

Millennials In the Workplace

Millennials In the Workplace

Millennials have changed the face of the tech industry and now it seems they will replicate that in another “industry”: philanthropy. With the flare for which they are known, these Millennials are contributing to charity in new ways, and not just with their money.

Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are those born roughly between 1979 and 2000, and have been said to prioritize their careers.  This has led many to categorize them as narcissistic and rapacious. However, when millennials are not working on their careers, they are often donating to charities, both money and time.

Findings from Achieve’s (a research and creative agency) 2014 Millennial Impact Report notes that 47 percent of 1,574 career-minded millennials polled considered giving back to community as essential, 87 percent had donated to a nonprofit in the past year and 57 percent showed interest in charity work through their employees.

Google, for one, remains one of today’s millennial-filled companies that has made philanthropy in the workplace en vogue and does it in ingenious ways — like charity quizzes.

The tech giant created a 10-question quiz which was distributed to 30,000+ employees, devised to educate on issues of world hunger. The reward for completing the quiz was a $10 donation to a hunger charity of the employee’s choice. Over 6,000 employees took the quiz with the Mountain View employees going further by donating more than 27,000 pounds of food and $800,000 to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

By adhering to the millennials’ desire to join work and charity, Google’s creation of the quiz was a brilliant display of philanthropy.

As Achieve President Derrick Feldmann wrote in the report, “They bring these passions to work.” And their passion for work has involved giving back.

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