Robert “Bob” Duggan

bob-dugganBob Duggan is a successful businessman who is responsible for enhancing the lives of millions of people located throughout the world. He and his wife, Trish Duggan, are very active with a number of charitable organizations. They have given back to their alma mater, the University of California Santa Barbara through athletic scholarships that have helped supported an NCAA champion soccer team.

In addition, they have provided two academic chair donations. Bob and Trish Duggan are responsible for the chair in Biochemistry and supported the creation of a Tibetan Buddhist chair. They are also responsible for providing to the UCSB library, a dedicated room with 5,000 Buddhist Sutras. They were also active in the Santa Barbara community outside of the university. They have been very supportive and involved with the board of the Santa Barbara Art Museum and Santa Barbara Symphony.

Supporting Solutions for a Better World

Bob Duggan is a major donor in several additional programs:
He supports The Foundation for a Drug Free World. This organization, which produces “The Truth about Drugs” program, is a nonprofit that helps youths and adults with information so they can make informed decisions and live free of harmful drugs. This worldwide network of volunteers has distributed over 50 million drug prevention booklets and “The Truth About Drugs” public service announcements have been aired on more than 500 television stations. These materials and activities have helped people around the world learn about the destructive side of drug and alcohol abuse and thereby make positive decisions for themselves.

Bob Duggan is also one of the largest donors to the world’s most successful rehabilitation programs for handling addiction to harmful drugs and alcohol. This non-profit drug rehabilitation program is focused on eliminating addiction using a proven, all-natural approach. They have over one hundred rehabilitation centers and drug prevention-education centers around the world and they have helped millions of people gain freedom from addiction to alcohol and harmful drugs.

He is also a strong supporter of human rights and improving the level of ethics in society. He is a large donor to three major human rights initiatives. Furthermore, he supports and advocates The Way to Happiness, which helps reduce crime rates and improves human conditions in communities and even entire countries.

Not willing to give up on anyone, he also donates to the world’s most successful rehabilitation program for those who have found themselves in correctional facilities, helping them successfully reintegrate into society as ethical and contributing members.

Lastly, Bob Duggan is very supportive of a world-wide organization that increases literacy rates and helps individuals maximize their ability to learn. This program is very successful in helping students truly understand what they are studying and be able to apply what they have learned. Read more about him here on Robert W. Duggan – The Executive .